Author: Naam Sombatanantakorn

Born and based in Bangkok, Naam is one of the co-founders of Viajente, a travel agency that offers various natural and cultural tour programs. She is a lifelong learner and loves to travel.

The Royal Coronation Ceremony is an ancient rite marking a Thai king’s ascension. During the proceedings, the chief Brahmin – Phra Maha Ratcha Khru – presents the king with the Phra Suphannabat, a golden plaque inscribed with the official title

Summer’s here and so is “khao chae”, Thailand’s best-known traditional summer meal. Khao chae (literally “rice” +  "soaked”) is rice soaked in chilled fragrant water and best eaten with an assortment of side dishes that chiefly include stir-fried sweetened pickled

For many centuries, Siam was regarded as Suvarnabhumi or the “golden land”, one of the most favorite destinations for migrants fleeing war, famine or starvation in their countries. Siam’s abundance was evidenced by this famous Thai saying: “nai nam mee

The Chinese have been brewing tea for more than 4,000 years. Legend has it that the emperor Shennong, himself a keen herbalist, was boiling water under a tea bush when a dried tea leaf accidentally fell into the pot. He

One of the Buddha’s greatest teachings is Arogya Parama Labha, meaning “Heath is the greatest gift.” This means that people should take care of their health and never take it for granted. In the old days, it was customary to

When it comes to a place ideal for recreational activities in Bangkok, most would think of shopping malls and parks. Lumpini Park, the “lung of Bangkok,” is a perfect spot for a picnic, exercise, jogging, paddling a boat, or enjoying a

In Thailand, villages, districts, towns and other places are named after their most noticeable geographical feature or best-known natural resource. Bangkok means an area of olives (bang means a place near a small river and kok is short for makok or

Thailand with its long history has a rich cultural heritage and a delightful blend of colorful traditions, cultures and religions. While remaining largely unrivalled, the Thai arts include fascinating mural paintings adorning the walls of temples and palaces and treasure

My father and my aunt always enjoy reminiscing about their childhood. Back then, whenever they were hungry they found things around the house to cook and eat – literally nothing from a grocery store or a restaurant, but all things

Thai people honor their mother and motherly love on Mother’s Day that falls on August 12. The day marks the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. Mother’s Day is observed on different dates in various parts of the world. In ancient Greece,