Author: Swisa Ariyapruchya

Swisa Ariyapruchya was born in Switzerland and spent her childhood growing up in Belgium, Poland, Thailand and the USA. She is multilingual and speaks four languages. Apart from her work as a central banker, she began her lifestyle blog Having “Me” Time in 2010 and has since continued to write in her spare time. She is also Co-founder of Booster Education Co., Ltd. and Booster Analytics Co., Ltd.

In the past month or so you may have walked pass some durians or at least been caught off guard by its strong smell. Though available all year round, the durian season starts around April as it tastes best before

Advancements in technology have changed how we consume news and information considerably over the past few decades. Growing up in a time before the internet existed, news or information consumed then came to us through a handful of forms. To

In the past few months there has been a new phenomenon in Bangkok and other major cities around the country: public awareness and knowledge with regard to air pollution has grown exponentially and people are demanding that action be taken.

It is not easy writing about “love” and yet, it is a topic that prevails everywhere and expressed through every medium. Songs aim to depict all sorts of emotions related to love as do love stories, movies and poems. Art and

On a recent trip to Spain, where the concept of “time” is unlike anywhere else I’ve been, I became fascinated by its work schedule and effects on life. Halfway through the day around 2 pm to 5 pm, businesses in

You know yearend has arrived in Bangkok when you wake up to cool mornings and the sun shines a different light. The cool breeze lashes at your hair and a little dance finds its way into your walk. For many,

If you’ve been following the  online trend, you may have read about Amazon’s newest 4-star concept store which recently opened in New York. This physical store stocks only items that customers have rated on average four stars or above on

Earlier this year you may probably have come across the news about how Bill Gates was giving away free copies of the book Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World – And Why Things are Better Than You Think

Last year while I followed my husband to a conference in Finland, I came across an article in the local newspaper discussing “transport poverty” in Finland. This concept was completely new to me and it has since piqued my interest.

In life, sometimes it takes just one second of realization to set you on a new track and discover new passions. The other day my brother said I’ve always been the “environmentalist” of the family for I have a hidden