The Cabochon Hotel

The Cabochon Hotel

I used to enjoy my weekend getaway on the beach or hiking somewhere near Bangkok, but as I grew older I couldn’t handle a couple of hours’ bus ride like I used to, so I started looking for places within the city that I can escape into and find peace without the hassle of traveling too far. Finally I’ve found a gem called The Cabochon Hotel, polished just like its name and tucked away down Sukhumvit Soi 45.

Designed by renowned Taiwanese designer Eugene Yeh, The Cabochon Hotel is a place for travelers seeking an understated luxury with modern comforts and yet a vintage vibe. Determined to open a small boutique hotel in Bangkok, Yeh has developed a real passion for creating a distinctive hotel experience like no other. The Cabochon Hotel is a 4-storey ivory white colonial-style building that was built in 2012. The exterior design pays tribute to the neo-Parisian and Viennese styles that defined the Shanghai art deco chic of the 1920s when jazz and blues filled the air.

Located at the very end of the soi, the venue has only four suites and four studios to ensure that guests will be able to indulge their craving for a serene calmness while in the proximity of the hotel. Being a very detail-oriented person, Yeh made sure that every inch of this property perfectly offers tantalizing glimpses of a bygone era, whether they be antique wooden panels, old windows, French doors, or even the black and white marble floor. He also shows his lifelong love for travel through all the decorative items and furniture culled from around the world.

The Cabochon Salon de Thé

The Cabochon Salon de Thé | Photograph: Courtesy of The Cabochon Hotel

One of the most spectacular areas is The Joy Luck Club room. Named after the best-known novel by Amy Tan, this whitewashed mahjong club room houses a library that’s decorated with wood paneling and furniture and also serves as the Salon de Thé where guests can enjoy a glass of wine.

The Cabochon Restaurant

The Cabochon Restaurant | Photograph: Photo Courtesy of The Cabochon Hotel

The hotel’s award-winning Thai Lao Yeh Restaurant serves authentic Thai and Lao food on beautiful blue and white ceramics displaying Thai motifs. The ambience is strictly ancient Siamese, adding to diners’ great nostalgia for the old way of life, especially the wood panels using century-old timber and the dark-toned wooden chairs and small round tables, which wonderfully makes the whole place resemble an ancient teahouse.

Mussiman Curry

Mussaman Curry | Photograph: Photo Courtesy of The Cabochon Hotel

While the venue’s retro vibe is amped up with hardwood flooring, the main lounge celebrates playfulness with a classic model plane hanging from the ceiling and the vivid colors of mismatched sofas underneath. The lounge is enhanced with Parisian touches such as a Louis Vuitton trunk, a stunning contrast to the black window frames and bookshelves.

The Cabochon Queen Studio

The Cabochon Queen Studio | Photograph: Courtesy of The Cabochon Hotel

When I overnighted here, I immediately fell in love with their 32-square meter Queen Studio, which is decorated with vintagestyle furniture and a queen-size bed, all well selected to ensure its cozy and homely feel. The whitewashed walls are softened by the dim glow of lights so carefully set and displayed throughout the room.

I felt totally pampered after pushing through the double-leaved French door to the balcony that affords a garden view and plenty of relaxation. Even with its retro atmosphere, each room is fully equipped with modern amenities such as cable TV entertainment, in-room Wi-Fi, air conditioning and a safety box.

Besides its gorgeous rooms and lounge, the hotel’s crown jewel is its rooftop pool. After a walk up through the grey-and white marble staircase, the 22-meter pool is the perfect place to unwind on a beach chair and enjoy a sweeping view of the city.

Those who love establishments that tell stories from the past would appreciate what Eugene Yeh has done to transport us to  another world. The Cabochon Hotel is truly a hidden gem: a perfect place for Bangkokians to relax, hide away, or just drop by for authentic Thai nosh.

The Cabochon Hotel
14/29, Sukhumvit Soi 45
Tel. 02 2592871-3

Based in Bangkok, Ploy started her writing career as a food critic, and after 8 years of visiting restaurants around Bangkok she expands her writing genre to travel, fashion and architecture.