The hostel's alfresco dining area.

Baan Dinso – Where Yesterday’s Style Lives On

Ialways admire timeless art and designs and wonder what was on the artist’s mind when they created a work of art. Did they ever wonder if their art will last forever or become outdated someday?

I visit the old-town quarter of Bangkok quite often and I can’t help but find myself totally impressed with Baan Dinso, the two- story colonial-style house tucked away on Trok Sin (literally “small alley” + “art”). Baan Dinso has been welcoming tourists as a boutique hostel since 2007 and as a hub for those seeking for its nostalgic charm.

Baan Dinso's 1950s exterior look.

Baan Dinso’s 1950s exterior look. | Credit: Baan Dinso, Trok Sin

Built with golden teak, Baan Dinso is located right in the heart of the Rattanakosin area of Bangkok where some of the famous buildings and monuments built during the Industrial Revolution still stand to this day. It is a perfect location where traditions of yesteryear still live and breathe.

Despite its obscure origin, the well-preserved house is estimated to have been built at least 85 years ago during the reign of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V). Since 1922 Phraya Wisesongkram had held the title deed to the property, and in April 13, 2006 the house was sold to the current owner. The house was carefully renovated and reconstructed around its main structure and style, with the purpose of preserving the ancient house for posterity as the epitome of traditional Thai architecture of the Rattanakosin era.

After stepping into the main entrance marked with its carved wooden doors and a small roof, most guests are likely to be captivated by the antique floor tiles at the porch that are decorated with a 1950s Thai design. The main building is painted creamy white, with green decorative mirrors and copper doors which have been carefully repaired and replaced with the same materials as the original.

The original elevated front area of the house functioned as a Thai-style open basement. However, due to the threat of annual flooding, the ground level has been raised further, resulting in the basement looking deeper below the building.

To maximize its space utilization, the basement has been transformed into an internet room and a kitchen that provides  meals for guests in the dining zone in front of the hostel.

The interior is decorated with antique furniture on wooden floors.

The interior is decorated with antique furniture on wooden floors. | Credit: Baan Dinso, Trok Sin

The original teak stairs are situated right in front of the house to welcome guests to the main foyer. The hostel’s interior has an amped up 1950s vibe. Every piece of furniture has been thoughtfully selected to preserve the original style of the house such as the Turkishstyle lamps, antique sofas, shiny wooden floors, and the old-style shuttered windows.

The deluxe room is spacious with a queen-size bed.

The deluxe room is spacious with a queen-size bed. | Credit: Baan Dinso, Trok Sin

There are four types of rooms: the deluxe (with a queen-size bed and a private bathroom), twin, single and family rooms, the last three offering a shared bathroom. Each bedroom tells a story of the hostel’s storied past through its white teakwood paneling, wooden desk and bedside table, and soft white curtains. The color scheme of white and wooden brown fits well with the décor. The rooms come with modern amenities such as air conditioning, a DVD player, and high-speed internet connectivity.

Baan Dinso is a hostel that continues to draw travelers with its relaxed yet cozy hospitality. In case anyone is curious to find out how Thai houses used to look like back in the 1950s, the hostel is the best place to see for themselves how a classic design is here to stay.

Baan Dinso, Trok Sin
113 Trok Sin, Dinso Rd., Pranakorn Bovornnivate
Tel. 096 565 9795

Based in Bangkok, Ploy started her writing career as a food critic, and after 8 years of visiting restaurants around Bangkok she expands her writing genre to travel, fashion and architecture.