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My best friend has just proposed to his girlfriend and she said, “Yes!” Now as a future “groomswoman”, I have to find the perfect spot for their wedding. Since both the bride-to-be and her would-be groom love venues that have a vintage vibe, one of the best places this city has to offer is Hotel Once Bangkok. Though generally referred to as “Once”, the place guarantees this is not the kind of place you’d want to visit only once.

Located in the historic quarter of Bangkok’s Charoenkrung neighborhood, Hotel Once is a gift from the Tangsin family for their daughter Lerdnuch Tangsin as her wedding gift and it was her brother, Chanote Tangsin, who was asked to oversee the property’s design.

The design concept is Art Deco with a distinctive romantic slant in every detail. What started as a four-story property has now been turned into a nine-story hotel with white as its dominant color. While the exterior stands outs from the rest in the neighborhood, the airy white interior is impressive with a transparent mirrored glass wall on one side of the lobby and contrasted with the pitch black wooden frames.

The Art Deco theme of the hotel figures prominently throughout the public spaces that are adorned with leather sofas and gold-tone geometric furniture against the white background. The rigidity of these spots is softened with thoughtfully located potted plants on walls, in corners and amongst the furniture.

The 365-slot cabinet in the time capsule lounge

The 365-slot cabinet in the time capsule lounge | Credit: Hotel Once Bangkok

The public spaces are highly functional, ensuring that not a little detail will be missed. On the second floor of the double space lobby is where the “time capsule lounge” is located. A cute gimmick, this is where the hotel offers a long, brown cabinet with 365 slots so that guests can write a letter to themselves or to someone they love and put it in a post box on the exact date they want it delivered by the hotel.

An Executive Jacuzzi room

An Executive Jacuzzi room | Credit: Hotel Once Bangkok

Wedding couples who want to stay a night before or after the wedding might want to try the Executive Jacuzzi room for added nuptial bliss. This chic double-volume loft is stylishly decorated with premium custom-designed furniture, and of course, a jacuzzi tub neatly fixed up in the bathroom for a luscious bubble bath.

The glamor is amped up with a marble floor and elegant lighting, a high ceiling, and breathtakingly beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows. This loft-style space is one of the best rooms for the bride and her bridesmaids to ready themselves for a reception party. It’s also perfect for the bride and groom to stay on their first night together as man and wife.

‘Top Knot’, the rooftop dining area that is also ideal for wedding receptions

‘Top Knot’, the rooftop dining area that is also ideal for wedding receptions | Credit: Hotel Once Bangkok

“Top Knot”, the hotel’s rooftop restaurant and bar, is ideal for a wedding reception. Located on the eighth floor, the venue welcomes you with the double spiral staircase and an unforgettable view of the Chao Phraya river.

The restaurant resembles a botanical greenhouse

The restaurant resembles a botanical greenhouse | Credit: Hotel Once Bangkok

The main part of the reception can be held in the air-con restaurant below that promises to amaze guests with panoramic views of the Chao Phraya river and the sprawling bustling city thanks to the use of transparent mirrored glass panels. This cozy space is lovingly adorned with potted plants and vintage-style furniture to imitate a botanical greenhouse.

‘Top Knot’, the rooftop dining area that is also ideal for wedding receptions

‘Top Knot’, the rooftop dining area that is also ideal for wedding receptions | Credit: Hotel Once Bangkok

The 9th floor is great for an outdoor after party. Climb up the spiral staircase, and you’ll find the rooftop bar festooned Art Deco style. The open-plan rooftop has a marble floor patterned with black-and-white L-shaped stripes that will trick your eyes and, together with modern-style furniture, set the tone for any party. The soft orange glow from the halogen lights gives a romantic touch to the place.

Every inch of Hotel Once Bangkok has been designed to ensure that every loved-up couple and all of their guests have an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience here. It is romantic yet cozy, a perfect choice for couples to start their “forever” together.

Hotel Once Bangkok
2074/99 Charoenkrung Rd, Soi 72/2,
Tel. 02 688 2596

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