Vogue Lounge Bangkok

A Lounge in Vogue

I was a food critic for a decade before making a career change for a foray into the fashion industry. Even though I am fascinated by fashion and design, the day I had to stop talking about food was a big change for me. Now, after four years of writing about clothes, shoes, jewelry, and skin care products, I am thrilled to finally focus on a genre that combines the best of both worlds – food and fashion.

Let’s face it, even if you’re not into fashion, it’s impossible not to know what Vogue Magazine represents. The iconic name portrays glamour, sophistication, and timeless style and now boasts a luxurious F&B venue under the name “Vogue Lounge” where patrons can experience unique culinary creations and cocktails in a lavish yet stylish, fashion-inspired environment. Licensed by Condé Nast International Restaurant, the same company that runs the world-renowned magazine, the venue is located on the sixth floor of MahaNakorn CUBE, Thailand’s tallest building and Bangkok’s “it” place to be seen at.

Apart from its sumptuous cuisine and classic cocktails, the interior design of Vogue Lounge is simply amazing. It’s all thanks to the world-class design studio David Collins Studio, a celebrated name among architecture and interior design circles. The studio is responsible for high-profile projects around the world such as The Collins Room in New York City, high-end Delaire Graff Estate Spa in South Africa, and several other famous hotels, restaurants and bars worldwide. The designer uses his hallmark combination of colors and textures to create sleek and unique touches in his designs.

Welcome area | Credit: Vogue Lounge Terrace

Vogue Lounge – 515 square meters in size – is well zoned into a 50-seat indoor restaurant and bar while adding another 68 seats in the terrace where guests can fully enjoy the gorgeous views of Bangkok. It is here the design studio was asked to deliver the true brand identity of Vogue and the style it represents.

The team brilliantly portrays this style through a strong palette of black, white, and gold. These carefully selected colors ensure that when daylight floods in through the clear glass mirrors and natural light changes from day to night, the room and furniture surfaces evoke a glamorous feeling for those who are dining. For an extra touch of relaxation, the aromatic whiff of lavender – wafting through the air from the cushions and seats – creates a relaxed atmosphere throughout.

Vogue Lounge Interior

Bar area | Credit: Vogue Lounge

The lounge steps up its game by using interesting textures within its interior. Right from the moment they step into the bar, guests will be captivated by the smooth Turkish lilac marble counter with a matching polished black counter top which is skillfully placed up front for the bartenders to welcome incoming patrons. The reflection of both polished and patinated metalwork on robust furniture can be found throughout the venue.

Vogue Lounge also provides the perfect touch of calm, soothing mood, using materials such as limed oak wood and displaying carved curvy lines on the side walls. These brilliant touches make the venue a perfect place to showcase what modern art is all about. The place also brings a hint of retro vibe through its mosaic floor, especially at the terrace with its black and white color scheme for graphic art on the floor.

No place is perfect without the right amount of lights in the right settings. Although decorated with velar glass mirrors to allow natural light in, Vogue Lounge enhances soft touches with lamps hanging from the oval carved ceiling. On the terrace, soft, romantic lighting is provided by lamps placed on every table and at every corner.

Vogue Lounge Terrace

Terrace | Credit: Vogue Lounge

Vogue Lounge appeals to those who love good food and all kinds of art. Diners are expected to arrive dressed up to the nines to match up with excellent culinary creations by renowned Chef Vincent Thierry. The chef has a real knack for crafting bite-sized portions with elegant presentation.

If you feel like having a sophisticated culinary experience in a fashion-themed atmosphere, Vogue Lounge is the place where you should put on your must-go list.

Vogue Lounge – 6th Floor, MahaNakorn CUBE.

Opening hours: Daily, from 5 p.m. onwards

Call 02 001 0697 to book in advance.

Based in Bangkok, Ploy started her writing career as a food critic, and after 8 years of visiting restaurants around Bangkok she expands her writing genre to travel, fashion and architecture.