Finding Big Rocks

Tips for Finding Big Rocks

Last month I wrote about finding your “Big Rocks” and how it illustrated perfectly the concept of time management. Whatever you do in life, if you put your Big Rocks into the jar first before the pebbles, sand and water, you’ll always have time to do the things that you value and that are important to you.

The challenging part is identifying what your Big Rocks are in life and understanding that they represent the things that you truly value. They are a reflection of the goals you are aiming for and want to achieve and they are the reasons why you wake up each morning.

If you haven’t found your Big Rocks and are not sure what you are doing, do not worry. Here’s a simple guide to help you find your Big Rocks:

1. Find time to reflect.
Try to find some quiet reflection time and think about what you value in life. List your values onto a sheet of paper. Is it your career, your family, your relationships, wealth, health or your spiritual well-being? If you were 80 years old and looking back on life, what is it you would have regretted not doing or achieving?

Of course, this will be different for each person depending upon where you are in life, and as we accomplish some goals, we can find new Big Rocks and keep on moving. It’s a good habit to take a step back and reflect every now and then.

2. Evaluate your values.
See if you are taking action to keep your values in place. For example, if you value family, are you spending enough time with your family? If you value health, are you spending time on your health, are you exercising and eating well?

3. Slot in your Big Rocks.
Take out your yearly, monthly and weekly schedule and have them next to your list of values. Start with the weekly calendar and look for slots on the calendar where you can fit in the Big Rocks. Make sure that it’s a time slot you know would not be interrupted or easily distracted.

If some pebbles or sands come along during the week and want to use that time slot, be strong and keep your Big Rock appointment. If you have to move the appointment, make sure you find a new slot within that week for your Big Rock. Do not push it to the next week.

In your monthly calendar, slot a date where you can evaluate your achievements throughout the past month. What can be improved? Set an end goal in the yearly calendar.

4. Streamline your schedule.
Don’t over schedule and learn to say “no.” If you have too many back-toback activities in your schedule, remember a delay in one may derail your plan. Leave some room for flexibility and minimize anything that could stop you from achieving your Big Rock goals.

5. Just keep doing it.
Now that you have your Big Rocks scheduled in, remember to just keep working on them, and every month take a look back and be proud of your accomplishments!

I hope this simple step-by-step guide will help you find your Big Rocks. Remember, your Big Rocks are what you consider important in your life and what you want to achieve. Everyone has the same 24 hours per day, and how you choose to use those 24 hours determines the life you want to live.

Swisa Ariyapruchya was born in Switzerland and spent her childhood growing up in Belgium, Poland, Thailand and the USA. She is multilingual and speaks four languages. Apart from her work as a central banker, she began her lifestyle blog Having “Me” Time in 2010 and has since continued to write in her spare time. She is also Co-founder of Booster Education Co., Ltd. and Booster Analytics Co., Ltd.