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The Great Room with a View

The rise of co-working spaces in Bangkok is changing many people’s working lifestyle, especially of those younger-gen professionals. Most co-working spaces nowadays come fully equipped with the best of office gadgets, high-speed Wi-Fi and comfy chairs. However, The Great Room, the newest co-working sphere in town, not only has all the essential accoutrements, but is also one step ahead of the pack by aiming at changing the way people feel about work itself.

This co-working space brand made its debut in Singapore in June 2016 and ever since has rapidly expanded into three prime locations in the country. Hot on the heels of the success of its Singapore launch, The Great Room has now finally arrived in Bangkok.

The Great Room

The Great Room | Credit: The Great Room

Situated on the 25th and 26th floors of Gaysorn Tower in the heart of Bangkok, The Great Room is spaciously laid out over 30,000 square feet with a gorgeous view of the city. It’s been designed to create a working environment that ensures its busy patrons’ utmost relaxation and comfort.

Designed by famous studio Michael Fiebrich Design, the coworking space was clearly inspired by some of the world’s best offices, luxury hotels and business clubs. The space has a sophisticated vibe thanks, in no small part, to its gleaming marble floor made up of eight different types of stones. The curved timber walls, dark timber desks, and fresh celadon hues adorn the interior, giving the space a warm, cozy ambience.

The Great Room is divided into four sections: The Drawing Room, a meeting room where first impressions are formed; The State Room, an elegant boardroom that can accommodate up to 14 attendees; and The Studio and The Study Room, which together offer more private spaces for smaller meetings or for those craving privacy.

Jaelle Ang, Co-Founder and CEO of The Great Room

Jaelle Ang, Co-Founder and CEO of The Great Room | Credit: The Great Room

Jaelle Ang, Co-Founder and CEO of The Great Room, points out that the venue’s concept is what sets it apart from other co-working spaces. “If we know with a laser focus who we are creating for and start with the right questions, we’ll end up in a very different place than beanbags, hustlin’ slogans and beerpong.”

“We believe that good design draws a like-minded and ambitious community. Thais are extremely design-savvy and have unique joie de vivre. We wanted to create an all-encompassing work and play experience that welcomes coworking members and business club members to share the hospitality experience that defines The Great Room,” Ang said.

The Great Room’s main purpose is to change the way people feel about going to work. “Because beyond productivity, work is also about new conversations, connections, inspiration, contemplation, and repose. It’s our job to design the perfect backdrop to the highlights of life happening,” she added.

To enhance this vision, the Great Room offers a complimentary breakfast and specialty coffee made by friendly baristas, a turndown cart distributing hot chocolate and cookies, and regular members’ cocktail events. The venue will also host specially curated business and cultural programs for members, focusing on growth beyond one’s professional, personal, wellness, creativity and cultural development.

Since its inauguration in Singapore, The Great Room’s social life has been well known to seduce its members to spend more time at the co-working space, from the first cup of cappuccino to one’s nightcap. With more professionals opting for flexibility and convenience, this new addition to the city’s co-working world will surely bring the co-working lifestyle to another level.

The Great Room
Gaysorn Tower, Levels 25 & 26
Tel. 02 073 0222

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