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Tapping into Preventive Healthcare

Thailand’s booming medical and healthcare sector continues to attract foreigners seeking relatively inexpensive and reliable medical treatment. While this trend is not going anywhere soon, more and more health-conscious Thais are underscoring the importance of investing in health by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Some go to great lengths to lower their vulnerability to illness before it strikes by taking preventive measures. Well, if you have the means and time to do so, why not?

Preventive medicine is a niche market that healthcare companies like Verita Health MahaNakhon are tapping into. Since opening its doors in February 2017, Verita Health’s Asia flagship center–located on the 3rd floor of MahaNakhon CUBE – has been offering several preventive and regenerative treatments. The latter is aimed at reversing long-term damage resulting from a range of chronic conditions and illnesses.

In both types of medical care, prior to treatment, clients undergo screening tests such as genetic typing and biological age tests carried out by Thai and international doctors and professional health consultants.

Dhanawat Rewatbowornwong, Verita Health MahaNakhon’s General Manager

Dhanawat Rewatbowornwong, Verita Health MahaNakhon’s General Manager
Credit: Verita Health Mahanakhorn

“Within the parameters of these screenings, health professionals would be able to detect and identify signs of not only potential cancers, but also heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and much more. The essence of preventive treatment is to monitor and control these signs and indicators early on before they develop into something more serious,” said Dhanawat Rewatbowornwong, General Manager of Verita Health MahaNakhon.

Based on the screening results, the best course of treatment for each client will be established and customized, combining conventional medical protocols and advanced therapeutic, integrated treatments representing a holistic approach.

Verita Health MahaNakhon has a wide variety of state-of-the-art noninvasive diagnostic and corrective medical equipment. Besides preventive medicine, the center also specializes in anti-aging treatments.

“If you take good care of yourself, with new technology and research findings, age would soon become just a number based on the year in which you were born; your body does not have to age accordingly. It’s possible for someone aged 40 to have the state of health of a 30-year-old person.

“People think that you have to be old before they start looking after their health. That’s why we actually want to reach out to youngsters, so they can take preventive measures to protect their health and try to minimize the risk of developing an illness or disease when they get older. We would like them to come to see us when they are still healthy, not when they are already sick,” Dhanawat noted.

Despite the bulk of its clients being foreigners, the center has been able to attract scores of health-conscious Thais who extol the virtues of preventive healthcare.“Many people think medical care is overpriced at private hospitals and healthcare centers, but here it’s not really. The price itself is quite reasonable, compared to the service and attention that we give to each client, which is usually an hour per client to review the results of their screening tests. We give advice on treatments and answer any questions to make sure our clients understand the process thoroughly, including the treatment costs,” said Dhanawat.

Vitamin boosting session through IV drip therapy

Vitamin boosting session through IV drip therapy
Credit: Verita Health Mahanakhorn

After the initial screening, the center’s doctors will recommend a personalized treatment and a preventive regime that suits the client’s healthcare needs, goals and lifestyle choice ensuring health and wellness. A regular regime includes the “Beautiful Life” treatment program that takes an aesthetic approach to rejuvenating, cleansing and detoxifying the body. “Targeted” treatment plans consist of specialized therapies such as Young Plasma Therapy, Oxygen Therapy and Colon Hydrotherapy to rebalance the body and renew the sense of wellbeing.

Verita Health picked Thailand for its first flagship healthcare center in Asia due to its strategic importance. “The Thai government has been trying to promote the country as Asia’s medical hub for many years. Many organizations, such as the Tourism Authority of Thailand, are also promoting the country as a niche health and wellness destination because tourists seeking medical treatment spend more and stay longer than normal tourists. The quality of our medical expertise in Thailand is also amongst the best in the world. And lastly, we are well-known for our service quality and affordability,” he said.

Holding on to one’s youth is to attempt the impossible, one might say. But thanks to the magic of medical technology, it’s possible these days to stay youthful right into old age as people take steps to make the “golden years” healthier and more emotionally rewarding. When it comes to healthcare, prevention is always better than cure.

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