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For the Benefit of Your Brows

Today I want to take you out to a recent product launch event held by Benefit, a world-famous cosmetic brand from San Francisco. Benefit has expanded their counters in almost every department store in Thailand and have recently entered EVEANDBOY’s SQ1 store with a brand-new stylish look that will amaze their fans and showcase their top products to shoppers.

Benefit San Francisco | Credit: Teerarat Yaemngamluea

Benefit San Francisco | Photo Credit: Teerarat Yaemngamluea

I can easily say Benefit is one of the leading brands when it comes to eyebrow products, and it’s what Benefit is wellknown for. If it’s anything that’s got to do with your brows, Benefit has got them all. They have a wide variety of eyebrow products which are very user-friendly, even for novices.

Brow Bar | Credit: Teerarat Yaemngamluea

Brow Bar | Photo Credit: Teerarat Yaemngamluea

Having said that, working your brows can be a challenge for some, especially those who touch up their brows once every blue moon. This is why it is worth to visit Benefit’s counter which offers a “Brow Bar” beauty service that can literally transform your brows. The service includes designing, tinting and waxing your brows to perfection. After that, maintaining them yourself will be a piece of cake.

The POREfessional | Credit: Teerarat Yaemngamluea

The POREfessional | Photo Credit: Teerarat Yaemngamluea

Another leading Benefit product that’s been a bestseller among the ladies is “The POREfessional” face primer that minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines and keeps your face oil-free.

The POREfessional: Pearl Primer | Credit: Teerarat Yaemngamluea

The POREfessional: Pearl Primer | Photo Credit: Teerarat Yaemngamluea

Their newest primer is the pinkish The POREfessional: Pearl Primer. This facial primer has the same oil-free, lightweight texture as the original, but with a hint of soft pearly pink that helps the skin look brighter and boosted. All I have to say that with this primer, all you need is a bit of powder touch up and you’re good to go!

So schedule a visit to the nearest Benefit counter and give your brows a real makeover. Trust me, you wont’t regret it!

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