A Green Retreat

Great city though Bangkok is, it can get us urbanites down on occasions. However, this vast metropolis is not without its green and environmentally friendly spaces to escape the pressures of a fast paced lifestyle, and there is one in the heart of a retail center that is worth the visit.

The Quartier Water Garden located on the fifth floor of the popular shopping mall EmQuartier means you can enjoy a place to relax, but if you are quickly missing your fix of retail therapy, it is only a short journey down an escalator or in an elevator and you are immersed again in the brand name stores and materialism. Having your cake and eating it!

Quartier Water Gate

Quartier Water Garden | Credit: Teerarat Yaemngamluea

The Water Garden is a 3,000 square meter area which is actually on several levels and features a wonderful array of flora, including wild tropical orchids and lush ferns. There is also a calming pool where cascading fish filled miniature creeks are visual treats. Get to the top of the garden and you are given great panoramic and Instagram worthy views of the nearby Benchasiri Park, The Emporium mall and the BTS line.

You are here to unwind, so take your time and rest in a number of comfortable seating areas and depending when you go, there are a number of displays giving information about the environment and nature. When my wife and I visited, there were a number of nature workshops, with photographs of wildlife and on the lower level, lots excited children looking at the exhibits.

The Veranda, The Winding Bridge, Banyan Island and the Enchanted Lagoon are just a few of the colorful names given to different parts of this tranquil setting. It is educational as well as recreational and with the lure of consumerism only a few minutes away, the wise messages about preserving and respecting the natural world are worth more than a passing glance.

Quartier Water Gate

Quartier Water Garden | Credit: Teerarat Yaemngamluea

You’ve heard of hands-on, well here they have “heads-in”, an open bottomed glass case which allows you to stick your head through a space inside with grass and soil surrounding your face. That is getting really close to nature!

Whatever your agenda is to EmQuartier, this green retreat is highly recommended for a visit. It is picturesque, colorful, and informative; a perfect oasis for reflection and a restorative sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the city beyond.

Born in England, Christopher Scott Dixon is an experienced writer and ex-BBC radio reporter/presenter. He has contributed many features to a variety of publications in Thailand and in the UK. He has also written 18 books across different genres and is a qualified teacher.